I want to recommend Chittenango Physical Therapy after my recent experience with Sciatica. Arriving at CPT with pain and a very limited ability to walk, I was given immediate assurance that the problem was well understood and the treatment expectations were positive for a full recovery. All of my concerns were addressed with clear explanations including an expected timeframe for progress. Dan Kingsley and his staff are experienced and professional. Dan provides not only top quality PT but also has the qualifications to administer manipulations when needed. There is also an emphasis on injury prevention and proper lifting/working techniques. I was also given a series of exercises for healthy back maintenance after treatment. The large facility is clean and has plenty of high quality equipment to keep clients busy working with no waiting. I am thankful to CPT that I am now painfree.
Thanks for all your help!
Geoff Markle

"I began seeing Meredith after having a total knee replacement. She was awesome! My road to recovery was lengthy and challenging. She adapted each session to my physical (and sometimes mental) needs. There were a few days I wanted to quit and she would just smile, say a kind word or two and before I knew it I was doing the exercise. I’m grateful she didn’t let up. I haven’t stood this straight since my initial injury in my senior year of high school. Also, I’ve visited many therapy facilities in the last 30 years (due to my knee injury). Chittenango Physical Therapy is one of the best in the area. They are highly qualified, friendly, customer oriented, very supportive and well equipped. You walk through their door and you know you’ll be taken care of."
Catie McClure

"Dan Kingsley is outstanding. As coordinator for our local Boilermaker Training Program, I have asked Dan to volunteer as our "consultant". He provided excellent
workshops on injury prevention, nutrition and arthritis for our community group. As Varsity Soccer coach for Waterville Central School I have utilized Dan's expertise time and time again. He conducts injury prevention workshops for our teams and is always available when our athletes need his evaluation and treatment. As a runner, I have also been a patient. With Dan's treatment I was back on the road right away, which is what every runner wants! As I write this, I realize that numerous people in our community owe a sincere thanks to Dan."
Tammy Alcott
Health and Physical Education Teacher

"My experience with Tim Francisco has been truly remarkable. I came into P.T. with an agonizing 3 bone fracture to my left shoulder. The 1st visit with my personal
therapist, Tim Francisco, on April 14, 2004, was very difficult. My range of use of my shoulder was so severely limited and the pain so severe, that I truly thought I had destroyed my arm and would be disabled forever. At that 1st visit, Tim asked me “What are your goals for Physical Therapy?” Taken off guard, I quickly answered, “I want my arm back!” And from that point on, Tim worked with me to realize my prayer. These many long weeks of P.T. with Tim have been very hard work, often uncomfortable. But with Tim’s encouragement, prayers and expertise, always sensing to push me harder, I do indeed now have “my arm back.” In
fact, on my final visit my left shoulder is now stronger than my uninjured one! Tim is regularly taking courses to learn cutting edge P.T. therapy techniques. One of these new treatments has eliminated the last limitation I was experiencing. They all seem to know how much we patients need their warmth and caring attention. I truly felt I was a part of a family, a very special family, all working to make me better."
Lucinda L. Savage