"For many years I have suffered from what I thought was tendonitis. After 2 discectomy surgeries I am conquering my pain. The PT has been a great source of comfort. My pain at this time is selfinflicted – yard work, etc. Have had PT in past years but never had the relief I have gotten from Dan & Tim. They are professional and very competent. In completing this course of treatment feeling 100% better than when I started!"
Sherry Menninger

"It has been a success to do this therapy. I have enjoyed it. Had a great time at CPT. Dan & Deb were always friendly and ready to go. This really helped me recover from my knee surgery. Would I recommend CPT – Yes!"
Dick McDonald

"I had an excellent time at CPT and everything that I wanted to happen, happened and I can now play soccer without any pain in my hip."
Mike Koegel

"Thank you for the help with my arthritis pain. It’s not completely gone but I have increased my mobility."
Karen Turk

"When I started PT for my hand I had very little range of motion in the fingers affected. Thanks to Dan & Tim, I have regained the full use of my hand. Their level of
professionalism is fantastic. They are both very caring and thorough. I would send anyone in need of PT to them. Thank you very much."
Charles A. Farber II