"I feel that Dan does an amazing job to get the part of your body feeling the way it should. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to get therapy."
Lucas Pratt

"I first came in for a problem with my left elbow. After in and getting an evaluation I set up biweekly appointments. After a combination of exercises and physical manipulation, the pain slowly subsided and eventually went away; avoiding any surgery. I will continue with the exercises at home. I will also continue to recommend Chittenango Physical Therapy to anyone in need of therapy."
Frank Kaylor

"It has been a pleasure, despite the stretching torture sessions. . Dan’s knowledge and ability to communicate that to help understand the healing process helps one to endure the whole process. It’s nice to deal with people who are passionate & enthusiastic about what they do for a living. It’s also refreshing to see Dan’s family being involved in his work. The more things you can do as a family vocation, the stronger that family tends to be. That will help one’s community. I wish Dan and his staff all the best and would not hesitate at all in referring his services. There are four people that makes life a lot better; a trusted mechanic, insurance agent, chiropractor, & physical therapist."
Shawn Skeele

"I came in with a very painful pinched nerve in my hip. After much poking & prodding it hurt even worse when I left! BUT!! The exercises and therapy over the next few weeks the pain completely disappeared! As I continue the exercises Dan gave me, I’m in better shape than I was before I pinched that nerve. Thanks Dan."
Nate Pittman

"I had knee surgery in January 2010 and I needed to have some physical therapy. I came to Dan’s place because it was close to home, but I am very happy with my choice because Dan is a polite and caring person. He gave me things to do at my ability and then increased the difficulty and exercises as my knee grew stronger. Thank you to Dan and his staff. Keep up the good work."