"I appreciate all the help and great therapy that I received from Dan. The atmosphere here has been very pleasant and the fellowship was great. I loved Dan’s jokes and his humor and his care for myself and all the people who entered these doors here. May God bless all that Dan has done and will do in the future.
Best wishes to all,"
Connie Leet

"When I first came I could hardly walk; and with Dan’s patience and gentle pushing I can now walk without any discomfort."
Sharon Spiridigliozzi

"I began here following knee replacement surgery. It was complicated by serious, persistent swelling interfered with almost all the necessary rehab exercises. It took a few weeks of persistent treatment and hard work, but the sound plan skillfully followed & applied has in my judgment been remarkably successful. Thank you!"
Warren Klare

"I have an arthritic knee that caused me pain. I tried to compensate for the pain which resulted in a strained ITB muscle. It was very difficult to work and I was in even more pain. After the first couple of appointments I had significantly less pain and continued to improve each week. Now, although I still have arthritic pain, I have no pain in that muscle and much more motion in my knee."
Janet Niles

"Mr. Kingsley has helped me a lot with my hamstring pain. When I first injured it I could barely put any weight on it and now I can practice and train regularly with my sports team and I am 100%."
Erik Kurz