"I came in about 8 wks or so ago in a lot of pain. The pain extended from my right elbow to my right hand. I was unable to have the strength I used to, unable to do many tasks such as lifting, turning, or opening things. Since I am righthanded this was very difficult for me. With treatment I received here, I began to notice a difference, the pain lessened, and I was able to go about my normal activities. I am glad for the therapy I was given for my tennis elbow and the therapists who did a great job in giving me the right therapy for my conditions. Thanks to a wonderful team."
Lorie Compoli

"I love to walk and hike but was having pain in my left foot. After going to my doctor & having him send me for therapy I came to CPT because it was close to home. I came for 4 weeks and now have no more pain. Everyone has been great in helping me get to a point where I could hike without pain. Thank you to all."
Connie Prescot

"I see three headings in health care dispensation: money, results, manner of the dispensation.
I expected a bill heavier than I could afford. But the lady at the desk had already arranged payments with my insurance company. The expense was totally covered.
The ache in my shoulder has all but vanished. It is now up to me not to force that shoulder unduly. The freedom of movement in that arm was increased almost 96% of what normal shoulders should enjoy. I can live with that… One of the invisible benefits of a professionally administered therapy resides in the lesson taught the patient as to how to exercise on his own in a scientific way.
Care Itself
I must testify to the attention, concern and enthusiastic manner CPT dispenses its care: consideration not to hurt, progressive intensity of treatment, deliberate choice of exercises. All in all my experience at CPT was a very good one.
There is an added benefit to the policy of CPT. A dismissed patient can for a modest cost, make use of a versatile gymnasium on location 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) from 7am to 5pm. For Chittenango residents it means saving on gas and time."
Gilles J. Roy

"Tim was awesome! When I started coming here, I was in constant pain – continuous backache. Within a few appointments the backaches subsided and now I don’t have that throbbing pain in my lower back. On the occasion I do ache…a couple of stretches and exercises and I’m all set to go.
Thank you Tim, Dan, & Debbie for all your help."
Claire Winney