"Dan is such a great therapist. I’ve had the pleasure of working on a program with him in the past and was pleased to see he was here in Chittenango. His professional abilities seem to have no bounds. He was recommended by Dr. DiChristina and that speaks for itself. The staff and ease of operation of the office were awesome. I will actually miss them all.
Rae J Haynes

"This was my 2nd knee surgery in 5 years. Dan Kingsley helped me recover from this surgery twice as fast as my first knee. Although I hope I don’t need PT again, if I do Dan will be my first choice.
Brian Buyea

"In January I dislocated my knee for the third time which reduced me to a very limited mobility. I could not run, stand, or walk normally. Along with that I had to wear a giant leg brace. By starting physical therapy with Dan I began to get my freedom back. He was always very patient, attentive, and considerate to my personal injury and life. I learned how to take care of my knees and really understand my situation here. I was not only healing but taught what kind of shoes I needed, how to walk, run, jump, and lay without risking a dislocation. Due to Dan’s and now Tim’s care I am able to run, jump, and live without fear. I was recently in a musical
and able to dance in ways I never thought possible 8 months after my accident. I am very thankful to everyone here and I can now go to college without fear of day to day injury. "
Sarah Guzman

"I suffered very badly with back pain. I now do not have any back pain since doing therapy here. I also had pain in my right leg especially when lying in bed. It would even wake me up but thanks to Dan that has cleared up. I would recommend Dan for therapy for one hundred percent success. He is very understanding and caring."
Dorothy Thompson

"I have arthritis in my hip due to an injury several years ago. I had pain and limitations in range of motion. I took Motrin daily and experienced hip pain at night that interrupted my sleep. After four weeks of treatment at Chittenango Physical Therapy, I’m happy to say I experience little or no pain and have improved range of motion. I’m sleeping well and don’t need Motrin.
Thanks Dan! You’re the best!