We provide outpatient physical therapy, specializing in orthopedic physical therapy. We treat injuries of the joints and muscles of the spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, feet, tempomandibular joint/jaw, and tension headaches.

We have specialized treatments for:
· Low back pain
· Neck pain and whiplash
· Tendonitis/Tendinosis
· Sports injuries
· Muscle strains
· Post-surgical patients
· Peripheral neuropathy
· Total joint replacements
· Balance Problems and Vertigo
· Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions
· Running related injuries

The physical therapy treatments offered at CPT include:

• Manual Therapy, or “Hands On Therapy” including manipulation and massage.

• ASTYM™ (Outcomes here) (Physician Reference List)Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization is a specialized soft tissue mobilization used to remodel scar tissue. It is a highly successful treatment for tennis and golfer’s elbow, wrist tendonitis, shoulder tendonitis and scar tissue. This treatment has been utilized by the NBA, Major League Baseball, the PGA, and others. For the common diagnoses, 55-75% of cases are much improved and > 80% of cases show improvement. The average number of treatments for resolution is 12 visits. Visit for more information.

·  BIODEX BALANCE SYSTEM: The Biodex Balance
System is used to assess and treat problems with balance, vestibular  disorders, reduce fall risk, and lower extremity injuries.

Therapeutic Exercise: to correct movement and muscle imbalances contributing to your pain or condition. Patients have detailed evaluations so we can personalize a rehab program specific to your needs.

· VIDEO GAIT AND RUNNING ANALYSIS: Video gait and running analysis offers live visual feedback to improve your gait and running efficiency and help to reduce your risk of injury.

Pelvic Floor Therapy (PFT) for female and male patients experiencing pelvic pain, incontinence, sexual dysfunction, pre- and post-partum pelvic and prostatectomy rehabilitation.  Internal and external examination and assessment are performed to determine appropriate intervention to treat pelvic floor dysfunction.  Treatments include manual therapy, use of biofeedback, TENS and neuromuscular retraining of pelvic floor musculature.   Check out our brochure down below.

Pelvic Floor Brochure


Evidence Based Medicine/Practice (EBP). We utilize the current best available research, patient values, and our clinical expertise in order to provide the highest quality care to achieve optimal results and help our patients reach their goals. 

Sole Supports Custom Foot Orthotics

• Durable Medical Equipment (DME): Such as braces and foot orthotics