Just a note to thank you and your wonderful staff for all your help in assisting me in achieving a full recovery after my total knee replacements. Your complete facility offered all the tools needed to work towards a complete recovery

But of course the heart of your facility is its great and consistent staff. Chris, Meredith(knees are her favorite joint)Tim, (corny jokes) and Matt ,all had the opportunity to work with me and offer their expertise and personal slant to aid in my recovery. And a shout out to both Patty and Rachel for keeping the wheels turning: For all their help I’m very grateful. It seems to me the orthopedic surgeons get all the credit, when the physical therapists actually do all the work! 

And a very special and deep thanks go to Samantha Lawrence. She was the therapist working with me for most of my recovery of both knees. She would temper my impatience, gently push me to new limits, and supply the encouragement needed through the more difficult passages. Her keen eye and involvement noticed physical anomalies before I was even aware of them that needed attention by my physician. Her personal/professional attitude really made the time spent a complete positive experience. If she was ever having a bad day I certainly never could tell. Samantha ,my deepest thanks. 

Dan, I am sure you are very cognizant of the work of your staff, and the help they’ve given to a community of people, as well you should be. Your work is vital, and important to the continuation of the quality of life for many people both young and old. Keep up the good work and be very proud of both your efforts, and the efforts of your entire staff. 

Now my wife and I will be off to Yellowstone and the Tetons for two weeks. An experience we will certainly enjoy and would not have been possible without the efforts of you and your staff. “

Gratefully Dave Lawlor

“I want to recommend Chittenango Physical Therapy after my recent experience with Sciatica. Arriving at CPT with pain and a very limited ability to walk, I was given immediate assurance that the problem was well understood and the treatment expectations were positive for a full recovery. All of my concerns were addressed with clear explanations including an expected time frame for progress. Dan Kingsley and his staff are experienced and professional. Dan provides not only top quality PT but also has the qualifications to administer manipulations when needed. There is also an emphasis on injury prevention and proper lifting/working techniques. I was also given a series of exercises for healthy back maintenance after treatment. The large facility is clean and has plenty of high quality equipment to keep clients busy working with no waiting. I am thankful to CPT that I am now pain free.
Thanks for all your help!”
~Geoff Markle

“I began seeing Meredith after having a total knee replacement. She was awesome! My road to recovery was lengthy and challenging. She adapted each session to my physical (and sometimes mental) needs. There were a few days I wanted to quit and she would just smile, say a kind word or two and before I knew it I was doing the exercise. I’m grateful she didn’t let up. I haven’t stood this straight since my initial injury in my senior year of high school. Also, I’ve visited many therapy facilities in the last 30 years (due to my knee injury). Chittenango Physical Therapy is one of the best in the area. They are highly qualified, friendly, customer oriented, very supportive and well equipped. You walk through their door and you know you’ll be taken care of.”
~Catie McClure

“Dan Kingsley is outstanding. As coordinator for our local Boilermaker Training Program, I have asked Dan to volunteer as our “consultant”. He provided excellent
workshops on injury prevention, nutrition and arthritis for our community group. As Varsity Soccer coach for Waterville Central School I have utilized Dan’s expertise time and time again. He conducts injury prevention workshops for our teams and is always available when our athletes need his evaluation and treatment. As a runner, I have also been a patient. With Dan’s treatment I was back on the road right away, which is what every runner wants! As I write this, I realize that numerous people in our community owe a sincere thanks to Dan.”
~Tammy Alcott
, Health and Physical Education Teacher

“My experience with Tim Francisco has been truly remarkable. I came into P.T. with an agonizing 3 bone fracture to my left shoulder. The 1st visit with my personal
therapist, Tim Francisco, on April 14, 2004, was very difficult. My range of use of my shoulder was so severely limited and the pain so severe, that I truly thought I had destroyed my arm and would be disabled forever. At that 1st visit, Tim asked me “What are your goals for Physical Therapy?” Taken off guard, I quickly answered, “I want my arm back!” And from that point on, Tim worked with me to realize my prayer. These many long weeks of P.T. with Tim have been very hard work, often uncomfortable. But with Tim’s encouragement, prayers and expertise, always sensing to push me harder, I do indeed now have “my arm back.” In
fact, on my final visit my left shoulder is now stronger than my uninjured one! Tim is regularly taking courses to learn cutting edge P.T. therapy techniques. One of these new treatments has eliminated the last limitation I was experiencing. They all seem to know how much we patients need their warmth and caring attention. I truly felt I was a part of a family, a very special family, all working to make me better.”~
Lucinda L. Savage

“Dan is such a great therapist. I’ve had the pleasure of working on a program with him in the past and was pleased to see he was here in Chittenango. His professional abilities seem to have no bounds. He was recommended by Dr. DiChristina and that speaks for itself. The staff and ease of operation of the office were awesome. I will actually miss them all.
”~Rae J Haynes

“This was my 2nd knee surgery in 5 years. Dan Kingsley helped me recover from this surgery twice as fast as my first knee. Although I hope I don’t need PT again, if I do Dan will be my first choice.
”~Brian Buyea

“In January I dislocated my knee for the third time which reduced me to a very limited mobility. I could not run, stand, or walk normally. Along with that I had to wear a giant leg brace. By starting physical therapy with Dan I began to get my freedom back. He was always very patient, attentive, and considerate to my personal injury and life. I learned how to take care of my knees and really understand my situation here. I was not only healing but taught what kind of shoes I needed, how to walk, run, jump, and lay without risking a dislocation. Due to Dan’s and now Tim’s care I am able to run, jump, and live without fear. I was recently in a musical
and able to dance in ways I never thought possible 8 months after my accident. I am very thankful to everyone here and I can now go to college without fear of day to day injury.”~
Sarah Guzman

“I suffered very badly with back pain. I now do not have any back pain since doing therapy here. I also had pain in my right leg especially when lying in bed. It would even wake me up but thanks to Dan that has cleared up. I would recommend Dan for therapy for one hundred percent success. He is very understanding and caring.”
~Dorothy Thompson

“I have arthritis in my hip due to an injury several years ago. I had pain and limitations in range of motion. I took Motrin daily and experienced hip pain at night that interrupted my sleep. After four weeks of treatment at Chittenango Physical Therapy, I’m happy to say I experience little or no pain and have improved range of motion. I’m sleeping well and don’t need Motrin.
Thanks Dan! You’re the best!”~

“For many years I have suffered from what I thought was tendonitis. After 2 discectomy surgeries I am conquering my pain. The PT has been a great source of comfort. My pain at this time is self-inflicted – yard work, etc. Have had PT in past years but never had the relief I have gotten from Dan & Tim. They are professional and very competent. In completing this course of treatment feeling 100% better than when I started!”
~Sherry Menninger

“It has been a success to do this therapy. I have enjoyed it. Had a great time at CPT. Dan & Deb were always friendly and ready to go. This really helped me recover from my knee surgery. Would I recommend CPT – Yes!”
~Dick McDonald

“I had an excellent time at CPT and everything that I wanted to happen, happened and I can now play soccer without any pain in my hip.”~
Mike Koegel

“Thank you for the help with my arthritis pain. It’s not completely gone but I have increased my mobility.”~
Karen Turk

“When I started PT for my hand I had very little range of motion in the fingers affected. Thanks to Dan & Tim, I have regained the full use of my hand. Their level of
professionalism is fantastic. They are both very caring and thorough. I would send anyone in need of PT to them. Thank you very much.”
~Charles A. Farber II

“I feel that Dan does an amazing job to get the part of your body feeling the way it should. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to get therapy.”
~Lucas Pratt

“I first came in for a problem with my left elbow. After in and getting an evaluation I set up biweekly appointments. After a combination of exercises and physical manipulation, the pain slowly subsided and eventually went away; avoiding any surgery. I will continue with the exercises at home. I will also continue to recommend Chittenango Physical Therapy to anyone in need of therapy.”~
Frank Kaylor

“It has been a pleasure, despite the stretching torture sessions. . Dan’s knowledge and ability to communicate that to help understand the healing process helps one to endure the whole process. It’s nice to deal with people who are passionate & enthusiastic about what they do for a living. It’s also refreshing to see Dan’s family being involved in his work. The more things you can do as a family vocation, the stronger that family tends to be. That will help one’s community. I wish Dan and his staff all the best and would not hesitate at all in referring his services. There are four people that makes life a lot better; a trusted mechanic, insurance agent, chiropractor, & physical therapist.”
~Shawn Skeele

“I came in with a very painful pinched nerve in my hip. After much poking & prodding it hurt even worse when I left! BUT!! The exercises and therapy over the next few weeks the pain completely disappeared! As I continue the exercises Dan gave me, I’m in better shape than I was before I pinched that nerve. Thanks Dan.”~
Nate Pittman

“I had knee surgery in January 2010 and I needed to have some physical therapy. I came to Dan’s place because it was close to home, but I am very happy with my choice because Dan is a polite and caring person. He gave me things to do at my ability and then increased the difficulty and exercises as my knee grew stronger. Thank you to Dan and his staff. Keep up the good work.”

“I appreciate all the help and great therapy that I received from Dan. The atmosphere here has been very pleasant and the fellowship was great. I loved Dan’s jokes and his humor and his care for myself and all the people who entered these doors here. May God bless all that Dan has done and will do in the future.
Best wishes to all,”
~Connie Leet

“When I first came I could hardly walk; and with Dan’s patience and gentle pushing I can now walk without any discomfort.”~
Sharon Spiridigliozzi

“I began here following knee replacement surgery. It was complicated by serious, persistent swelling interfered with almost all the necessary rehab exercises. It took a few weeks of persistent treatment and hard work, but the sound plan skillfully followed & applied has in my judgment been remarkably successful. Thank you!”
~Warren Klare

“I have an arthritic knee that caused me pain. I tried to compensate for the pain which resulted in a strained ITB muscle. It was very difficult to work and I was in even more pain. After the first couple of appointments I had significantly less pain and continued to improve each week. Now, although I still have arthritic pain, I have no pain in that muscle and much more motion in my knee.”
~Janet Niles

“Mr. Kingsley has helped me a lot with my hamstring pain. When I first injured it I could barely put any weight on it and now I can practice and train regularly with my sports team and I am 100%.”
~Erik Kurz

“I came in about 8 wks or so ago in a lot of pain. The pain extended from my right elbow to my right hand. I was unable to have the strength I used to, unable to do many tasks such as lifting, turning, or opening things. Since I am right handed this was very difficult for me. With treatment I received here, I began to notice a difference, the pain lessened, and I was able to go about my normal activities. I am glad for the therapy I was given for my tennis elbow and the therapists who did a great job in giving me the right therapy for my conditions. Thanks to a wonderful team.”~Lorie Compoli

“I love to walk and hike but was having pain in my left foot. After going to my doctor & having him send me for therapy I came to CPT because it was close to home. I came for 4 weeks and now have no more pain. Everyone has been great in helping me get to a point where I could hike without pain. Thank you to all.”~Connie Prescot

“I see three headings in health care dispensation: money, results, manner of the dispensation. Money-I expected a bill heavier than I could afford. But the lady at the desk had already arranged payments with my insurance company. The expense was totally covered. Results-The ache in my shoulder has all but vanished. It is now up to me not to force that shoulder unduly. The freedom of movement in that arm was increased almost 96% of what normal shoulders should enjoy. I can live with that… One of the invisible benefits of a professionally administered therapy resides in the lesson taught the patient as to how to exercise on his own in a scientific way. Care Itself I must testify to the attention, concern and enthusiastic manner CPT dispenses its care: consideration not to hurt, progressive intensity of treatment, deliberate choice of exercises. All in all my experience at CPT was a very good one.
There is an added benefit to the policy of CPT. A dismissed patient can for a modest cost, make use of a versatile gymnasium on location 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) from 7am to 5pm. For Chittenango residents it means saving on gas and time.”~Gilles J. Roy

“Tim was awesome! When I started coming here, I was in constant pain – continuous backache. Within a few appointments the backaches subsided and now I don’t have that throbbing pain in my lower back. On the occasion I do ache…a couple of stretches and exercises and I’m all set to go. Thank you Tim, Dan, & Debbie for all your help.”~Claire Winney

“I was referred to your office from Dr. Narins AMP of Syracuse. I presented with pain and pressure in my pelvic area. After thorough evaluation she thought pelvic physical therapy was my best option and she was absolutely correct. Cheryl Pavlov-Shapiro evaluated my concerns, pain flexibility and goals. When I started the pelvic therapy my pain levels were between 7-10. She performed internal an external therapy. She introduced exercises and breathing that I could do independently. After meeting with her over a 6 weeks period my pain was resolved, pressure was alleviated and flexibility increased. My quality of life has tremendously been enhanced. Thank you Cheryl.” ~ Joanne Vaccaro

“I have been doing Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy with Cheryl Pavlov Shapiro. It has helped me more than I can ever express. I have had bladder issues my whole life and avoided going to a urologist because I was told I would only need surgery or that I would be put on yet another medication. I actually ended up in the ER due to urine retention which was a side effect of a medication I was taking for anxiety. My urology appointment was extremely difficult for me and yet wonderful at the same time. I have had numerous traumatic experiences throughout my life starting with cancer at 2 years old which resulted in the removal of my eye. Many emotional traumas were uncovered as I went through my pelvic floor PT which were then able to be addressed with my psychiatrist. A few appointments involved both the physical therapist and psychiatrist together. These issues kept me stuck, and had actually led me to “learn” false information. Which “taught” my body to respond in ways that were causing me discomfort and frustration. Pelvic Floor PT helped me to learn and retrain my body to deal with these difficulties along with exercises and stretches that aided in getting my life back. I feel that I have been able to let go of embarrassing situations, childhood trauma, and situations that were effecting me mentally and physically. I was drinking less than 3 cups of liquid a day and urinating over 17 times a day. I was waking up at least 2 to 3 times to use the bathroom at night. Fear and constant tightening of pelvic floor muscles led me to many muscle pains in certain areas as well as lack of muscle usage to the point of not even being able to use certain muscles. I am now on the road to recovery and still have some work to do; however, I now drink 6 to 8 cups of water a day and am able to sleep through the night or just use the bathroom once at night. I can hold having to urinate for up to 4 hours without pain. I never knew that such a therapy existed and how wonderful it could be. Cheryl was very comforting and helpful through this difficult, but amazingly helpful process. I wish I had found her sooner, but so grateful to have her in my life now.”

“I was referred to Chittenango PT by a Urologist for Pelvic Floor therapy. Cheryl was excellent. Explained every step she did with me and much more. She was very informative on how abdominal and other body muscles work together to form a stronger core in the pelvic area. I even “graduated” when I was done with therapy. Dan Kingsley, I actually enjoyed going to PT. -Celinda Hamilton”

“I came into CPT with crippling back pain and severe muscle spasm. I could not stand up straight and barley walk. I worked with Alyssa twice a week for four weeks. Between that, doing home exercises, and stretching as directed by Alyssa I am back to almost 100%. The whole team at CPT are very helpful, personable and friendly. Alyssa provided her email should I have any questions about my continued at home exercises which I feel goes above and beyond. I hope to never be in as much pain as I was to need physical therapy, but if I do I will absolutely be going back to CPT and I will recommend to all of my friends and family.” – Tara Boronczky

“Dear Dan, 

I wanted you to know how pleased my recent physical therapy help was. I was recovering from a left shoulder rotator cuff repair after a fall on ice back in February. My surgery had been delayed by the cancellation of elective surgery due to Covid-19. I started in the middle of August three days after surgery and finished in the middle of this December. I had undergone four other rotator cuff surgeries in the past years so I have a unique view point on recovery, especially physical therapy. This time I worked with Linda Harrington and I hold her help in high esteem. I always felt very comfortable working with her and my progress with her helped me move right along. My recent surgeon was Dr. Todd Battaglia at SOS. He also was very impressed with my progress at each appointment with him. Granted, my effort helped things move along but I had excellent guidance and I was in an excellent position to judge the therapy having done this so many times previously. While I hope that this was my last shoulder repair I would not hesitate any time for any reason to return to Chittenango Physical Therapy for help again. You have an excellent therapist in Linda and your physical plant is very well laid out and populated with all of the necessary equipment. The effort made to constantly keep up with the cleaning of everything was most impressive and appreciated. Everyone was so very helpful. Thanks for offering such a great place to rebuild healing bodies. I am a thoroughly satisfied client. Regards, Gerry Courtade.”

“I was operated on for prostate cancer in November, 2019, and began my physical therapy in January, 2020. Cheryl Pavlov-Shapiro was my physical therapist. For someone over the age of 75 the risk of long term incontinence is greater. Cheryl started with a history baseline, a thorough examination, and a set of exercises. I had a six week break from March to mid April and then again through COVID. Cheryl kept in touch and made sure I was doing my exercises. We resumed in house appointments in June. My progress was slow but somewhat steady. There were times (a couple for sure) when I didn’t think I would be pad free. Cheryl was not only a great cheerleader, but expanded my exercise program assuring me I would get it. Well, she was right. In October I was pad free and have been ever since. It was a long haul, but she never wavered in her believing that I would meet my objective that we initially started with. Not only does Cheryl have thorough knowledge in her field of expertise, but she is a wonderful coach and cheerleader as well. She has encouraged me to keep in touch if I have any issues. Thank you for a job well done. – Richard Husted”

“Mr. Kingsley, 

I am taking the time to put this letter together because I feel that it is important enough to inform the person in charge of his/her staff. About two years ago after my tour of duty with the police department, I secured an armed security position at a food chain store. I was knocked to the ground injuring my left hip/groin area. I am a patient there and have been for about eight months. During my time at the physical therapy office, I became quite dependent. I drive approximately 30 miles one way to get to the Chittenango Physical Therapy office. When I arrived on my first visit, I can assure you I was very nervous and shaking. I was taken to an exam room and I was met by a doctor who sat me down and took my history. The doctor could observe how nervous, frightened, and stressed I was by the way of my actions. We had a conversation for about fifteen minutes and the procedure was explained to me in full detail. After our talk with the doctor, I became very informed and finally to some degree stress free. The doctor put aside her other patient problems and duties and gave me her undivided attention. Before I knew it, the exam was under way and throughout the examination her professional duties as a doctor shined brightly. Soon after, I suddenly realized I was on my way home. While driving home, I felt so relieved and much more comfortable and to some degree pain free. I want you to know the doctor you have employed there is the most professional, most caring, most polite, and most helpful person I ever met. She has instilled her kindness and utmost caring professional personality to me and I’m sure she has shown this same kind of work ethics to her other patients. I am so fortunate to have found a most caring professional doctor. There were times while at home I became upset and in some pain. I called the office and within minutes this doctor picked up the phone and explained what and why I was experiencing some difficulties. My last call was on New Year’s Eve because I was experiencing a problem. Again, she came on the phone and settled the issue. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate her most professional and caring demeanor; She’s one in a million. You must be very proud to have her as your employee. Obviously, the doctor of therapy’s name is Cheryl Pavlov-Shapiro… I also wish to add compliments to your entire staff. From the minute I walk in there to the time I leave they all make it very comfortable. Thank you all, Tony A. P.S. My father once told me, if you’re doing something for someone and more than one person knows about what you’re doing then you’re doing it for the wrong reason. I’m writing this letter because Dr. Cheryl Pavlov-Shapiro and the entire staff deserve it…”